General And Minimal Access Surgery

Surgical Intensive and Critical Care units (40 beds) with modern monitoring and supportive facilities to take care of complicated surgical and trauma patients.

Modern surgical operations theaters with facilities for major open and minimal access operations. Comprehensive general surgical service with three units for integrated all round surgical care backed by dedicated anesthesiology and critical care terms.
Head and neck surgery including thyroid, parotid, neck nodes.

Integrated Breast Care Programs
Screening / Clinical Assessment / FNAC / Receptor Assay / Mammography / Surgical option for conventional Mastectomy / Breast Reconstruction / Breast Conservative Surgery / Oncoplastic Breast Surgery / Medical and Radiation Oncology backing.
Major Gastrointestinal surgeries both open and laparoscopic.

Pile Management
Infra-red Coagulation / Banding/ Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy / Conventional Surgery / Fistula and Fissure Management / Management of Rectal Prolapse / Laparoscopic / Open Rectopexy and Peritoneal Operations.

Pilonodal Sinus Management
Multiple Zplasty

Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Management Medical / Surgical / Re-constructive / Rehabilitative Varicose Vein Management

Hernia Management by open and laparoscopic surgery.

Basic and Advanced laparoscopic procedures for appendicitis, gall stones, hiatus hernia, morbid obesity, rectal prolapse, gastro intestinal malignancies.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in collaboration with Gastroenterology Department for gastrointestinal bleeding.
Well trained staff nurses and technicians to take care of surgical patients in OT, ICU Rooms and Wards.

Out patient services offered by experienced consultants assisted by qualified assistants.
Emergency services 24/7, 365 days.