physiotherapy physiotherapy Ruban Adavanced Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre managed by experts in the field of physiotherapy. Dr. Gaurav (HOD) brings in his wast experience of 5 years of working in Australia (Adelaide) before which he completed Master of Physio. from University of South Australia.

Our team consists of:
1. Dr. Pawan (MPT - New Delhi)
2. Dr. Titly Mishra (BPT - Dehradun)


  •  State of the Art Infrastructure
  •  Hydraulic Automatic Physio Treatment Bed
  •  Imported Ultrasound & Traction Machine (Chattanooga, USA)
  •  Ergonomic Arm & leg cycle
  •  Magnetic Shoulder Wheel
  •  Strengthening table for leg & hip musculature

Launching for the first time in Bihar

physiotherapy physiotherapy

We offer evidence based physiotherapy treatment for:

  •  Orthopedic cases (low back pain, cervical pain, arthritis, rehab following joint replacement and fractures etc)
  •  Neurological cases (sciatica, impairment related to stroke, parkinsonism etc)
  •  Pulmonary rehabilitation (COPD cases, asthma, post operative etc)
  •  Cardiac rehabilitation (following CABG, heart transplant, valve replacement etc)
  •  Sports injury rehabilitation (joint instability, ligaments sprain, muscular strain, etc)

Physiotherapy Interventions

  •  Physiotherapy intervention primarily is a combination of manual, exercise and electro therapy.
  •  Manual therapy normally includes Passive mobilization techniques, stretching, soft tissue mobilization and neural mobilization. They are aimed to reduce pain and improve the joint stability.
  •  Exercise therapy involves improving the health of the muscle tissue by strengthening them, enhancing the balance, increasing the coordination and increasing the quality of life.
  •  Electro-therapy involves various therapeutic modalities which are designed to reduce the pain and improve the blood circulation.
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